From idea to product

Design and modelling

You can send us your own modelling file or we model the product according to your hopes.

We use 3D modelling programs Rhinoceros, Artcam and Panther.


We serve

Whether you are an old hand or want us to process your idea to a product, you can turn to us in everything concerning modelling.

Benefits of modelling are undisputed

The symmetry and shape of an object can be made precise and the sizing can easily be modified. Reversed imaging of a product is also possible without difficulty.

Sending 3D models

You can send us your model either to rhinofile or a file in STL, CTL, OBJ, PLY, ZPR, ZBD, AMF, WRL, 3DS, FBX, IGES, IGS, STEP, STP, MJPDDD and 3DM format.

When you send us files, please name them followingly:


If you haven't added the shrinkage factor to the model, please let us know about it.

If you have an image drawn by hand, dont't worry, we can make a 3D modelling of it.

Please note this

Note the wax shrinkage at the modelling stage

Are you going to make a cast original or larger series?

Wax shrinkage in the casting process is about 1-2,5%, depending on the metal, temperatures used and thicknesses. 

Mold shrinkage is about 1-1,5%.

In other words: the shrinkage is about 3-4% when casting with a mold.

-Cold silicone molds do not shrink but a normal mold is of better quality.

Files need to be closed, solid and created without open edges.

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