Precision casting

High-quality castings for goldsmiths, designers and manufacturers of small items

We create art from metal with you

As a subcontactor we make waxes and cast products in precious metals, bronze and brass. Our equipment is brand new and our castings are first class. We have over 25 years of experience in casting and we cast anything a customer can hope. You can send us small items of wood, stone, wax, plastic, paper or metal – we create cast for you. We also offer a 100% satisfaction quarantee: if you are not happy with the product, we will make it again.


Sending waxes for casting

  • Pack the wax or product firmly and securely but in a way that the package can be opened easily.

  • We reposition the channels in the mold here in the worshop so  you do not need to draft them yourself beforehand.

Sending the original to be molded

  • The model needs to be clean and it should not include e.g. polishing wax or varnish.

  • Please inform separately if glue has been used in the model.

  • The object may have stamps and loops but NO mechanisms or moving parts.

Please note

  • Waxes shrink approximately 1-2,5% in the casting process, depending on the metal, temperatures used and thicknesses.

  • A mold shrinks approximately 1-1,5%.

  • Cold silicone molds do not shrink but they are not durable in larger series.

We dont cast platinum yet. 

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